Nutrition and Lifestyle Cleanse

Education, guidance, and resources to support well-being during the fall and winter months.

  • 7-day plant-based meal plan, shopping list, meal ideas and recipes

  • Food/Mind/Body Journal, daily learning materials, videos, resources

  • 2 all-levels yoga classes and 2 guided meditations to watch anytime

Cleanse your body as the seasons change.

Just as the trees, plants, and animals prepare for each season we should too.

The autumn and winter season is the perfect time to work towards nourishing your body through the consumption of seasonal food and lifestyle practices. You'll eat throughout the day to boost your energy, mood, mental clarity, and metabolism. Included with the reset are yoga and meditation classes to help clear energy and reduce stress. This is an interactive 7-Day program that integrates nutrition education, health tips, and tools for Vitality. Each day you will work towards learning and applying something new.

Fall Into Winter Reset

Materials for the Program

  • 1

    Prepare to Fall Into Winter

    • Welcome

    • Well-Being and the Seasons

    • Food/Mind/Body Journal

  • 2

    Menu Planning Information

    • Fall Into Winter Meal Plan and Overview

    • Fall Into Winter Meal Ideas & Recipes

    • Optional Supplement Info

  • 3

    Yoga & Meditation

    • Autumn Guided Meditation

    • Autumn Cleansing Yoga Class

    • Grounding Guided Meditation

    • Energy Clearing Yoga Class

  • 4

    Day 1

    • Organize Your Kitchen

  • 5

    Day 2

    • Create a Wellness Routine

  • 6

    Day 3

    • Support Your Blood Sugar Levels

  • 7

    Day 4

    • Support Your Liver Health

  • 8

    Day 5

    • Support Your Digestion

  • 9

    Day 6

    • Support Your Adrenal Health

  • 10

    Day 7

    • Reflect on Your Experience

Meet Your Guide

Integrative Health Coach, Master Nutrition Therapist, Yoga Instructor

Jessica Lee Reader

Hi, I’m Jessica! I’m devoted to sharing education and inspiration to help you reach your optimal health and ideal weight. Please visit Vitalized Body's website to learn more -